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Digital Designs by Fine Lines

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Digital Designs by Fine Lines is a virtual option for a quick and economical way to obtain a design for your garden.

By eliminating the need to visit y
our site, Fine Lines can greatly reduce the overall price of your design.  All  that is required are the measurements to the nearest foot and the address to look up on Google Maps for reference. 

One of the biggest problems with designs from garden centers is not planning for the growth of the plant to maturity.  At Fine Lines we have certified horticulturists who have over 16 years experience working directly with the plants to know how they will grow. Your garden design will accommodate your plants as they reach maturity to give them the best growing conditions.

Digital Designs by Fine Lines is perfect for the D-I-Y'ers who want to do the work themselves but feel unconfident when choosing the right plants or layout. Perfect for the individuals who cannot take time away from work to meet with a landscape company. Fine Lines is excited to work with all clients across Canada and Northern regions of The United States as plant material grows in a range of climates.

After filling out a short questionnaire that will include any known details you desire about your garden.  If you are unsure just leave it up to us!  You will also be asked to provide two pictures of the space as well as the measurements.

Rest assured you will receive a garden layout designed with high quality plants that will thrive in your location. Sent to you will be two views of your garden plus a detailed plant list. If you are local to our catchment area you may also request an estimate for installation.

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