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Need more planters?  Come make some.  In this hands on workshop you will create planters to use indoor or outdoors.  They can be painted or left the colour of the concrete.  Dont forget to bring rubber gloves, concrete is corrosive! 


Located In the Kingscourt area of Kingston.  On July 212, 2023.  1 pm


This will be an outdoor event.  Come create your planter then come back and pick it up once its set.  You do have to option to bring it home in its wet state but please acount for the risk of it tipping over in your vehicle.  At least 24 hours is reqiured but even better if its 2 days later.  After a few weeks you planter is ready to host its new plants. 


Concrete is corrosive.  Please remember to bring gloves to work with.


This workshop is offered by Laura Moses of Fine Lines Landscape and Designs.  Laura is a sought after lecturer, workshop coach, horticulturist and even a published designer.  Laura has a passion for sharing her knowledge and skills.  Her enthusiasm, energy and humor is sure to leave you smiling and excited for your own projects. 

Concrete Planters