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Fruit Tree Pruning-Brockville, On

Fruit Tree Pruning-Brockville, On


Did you know fruit trees need to be pruned every year to have the biggest sweetest fruit possible? At the workshop we will discuss all the fruit trees which can grow in the area, we will then go to the trees for a live demonstration on some trees.    


In 3 hours you will leave with knowledge and confidence in- Terms, Tools and Safety, Why and When, Proper Techniques, How to Deal with The Young, Mature and Naglected Trees, and How to Prune the Various Types of Trees,  that will grow here.


Expect an email a few days before the workshop letting you know the address to the location.   I never disclose the exact location publicly as they are often held at private residences.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE BUYING THE CORRECT TICKET FOR THE LOCATION YOU WOULD LIKE TO GO TO.


This is a rain/shine/snow event.  Please dress to be outside for a few hours as we might only have a fire to keep us warm.  If in the event of a serious weather event, snowmagedon or a monsoon, then event will take place on the Sunday of the same weekend.  A camp chair is never a bad idea to bring.


Please bring a pencil (pens can freeze) to take notes.  There will be a detailed handout with all the info in my lecture for you to take home and reffer to.   If you have questions about your own trees, please bring pictures, a few shots from different angles is helpfull.  

If you have any questions please do not hessitate to reach out.  Thank you for checking out this workshop, I can't wait to meet you! 

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