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Closed Terrarium

Closed Terrarium


Move over open terrariums, Fine Lines proudly introduces CLOSED TERRARIUMS! May 25 at 11:30am dive into the world of LIVING CLOSED TERRARIUMS with us. We'll create our own tiny ecosystems using plants and nature.

But here's the twist - we'll be incorporating LIVE INSECTS! These little bugs reside inside your terrarium, aiding in managing decomposition levels. Fear not, they won't fly or climb the glass. No feeding required; occasional watering might be necessary if the soil dries out. Meet springtails, essential to terrarium success. Watch these rice-sized critters go about their business!

We'll work with tropical plants, some preferring indirect light, while others thrive in bright, sunny spots like a kitchen. Tailor your selection to your space. Join Laura, a double certified horticulturist based in Kingston, passionate about transforming outdoor spaces. Catch her in Edible Ottawa magazine and stay tuned for her upcoming book on Fruit Trees. Explore workshops across Ontario and join the closed terrarium craze!

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