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Moss-tera Leaf Moss Art Workshop, Tett Center

Moss-tera Leaf Moss Art Workshop, Tett Center


Hop on this exciting new home decor trend!


Moss art is a hot and upcoming way to decorate and bring life into your home.  Interesting textures and colours to brighten up any corner.  

Art piece may be laid flat or hung up on the wall with some wall adhesives.  All materials are preserved and are not to be watered.  This art is suitable for all rooms except the bathroom as you should avoid excessive moisture.  Expect your preserved art to last about 10 years.  


Follow Laura along while she guides you through your moss art print.  Tip and tricks along the way to ensure your art looks its best.   Join me at 9am on May 25 at The Tett Center for Creativity and Learning, Kingston, On, Lets get our moss on! 

Laura is a double certified horticulturist living in the Kingston area.  She loves working with plants outside and making peoples yards look amazing!  Laura is working to publish a book on Fruit Trees and is currently featured in Edible Ottawa magazine.  Check out the other workshops happening all around Ontario.  

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