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Moss Print Workshops

Moss Print Workshops


Join us at the Tett Center for Creativity and Learning in Kingston, ON, at 9 am, and immerse yourself in the latest home decor sensation!

Discover the captivating world of moss art, a trend that's bringing nature indoors with fascinating textures and vibrant colors. Elevate any space with your choice of unique designs:

- A River Runs Through: Featuring a serene stone-laid river with moss "islands"

- Moss-tera Leaf: A striking Monstera Leaf Print

- Spring Blossoms: Delicate cherry blossom-inspired ends adorning a branch

- Yin Yang: Harmony in shades of green/white or black/white

- Botanical: An eclectic mix of green mosses, dried accents, ferns, mushrooms, and more.

Whether laid flat or hung on the wall with wall adhesives, these preserved art pieces infuse charm into any room, except bathrooms due to moisture sensitivity. Anticipate a decade of enjoyment from your preserved masterpiece.

Laura, a double certified horticulturist based in Kingston, is dedicated to crafting stunning outdoor landscapes and helping plants thrive. Keep an eye out for her upcoming book on Fruit Trees and delve into her feature in Edible Ottawa magazine. Explore workshops across Ontario and embrace the beauty of nature in your home!

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