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Rejuvinating your Garden


Why rip out and plant new when you can 'spruce' up what you have?  One of Laura's fave projects is making the old tired garden look fresh and new.  Gain insight on how you can take simple steps to make your garden look the best it has in years.


Flower Pots that WOW!


This is Laura's most asked for lecture! She will have you laughing and taking notes with so many different tips and tricks to have the best looking planters on the street. Laura has been building 4 season flower planters for over a decade. Where to find the best plants for all season, various elements to have a professional look and ideas to help you get inspired for the up coming year.

Increasing Curb Appeal


Want your neighbours to be jealous?  Maybe you are putting your house up for sale and want things to look tip top.  Laura will discuss how you can increasing your property value another 15%.  Doesn't matter if you have a small or extensive budget; you have make your neighbours notice your yard.


Pruning: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


We've all seen it;  the branch ends left on the tree, the tree that had all its branches cut off or the tree that has been topped.  In this lecture you will learn proper pruning techniques, what not to do and so much more.  Laura's humerous lecture will help to show you how your can improve your pruning tactics. 



Trees and Shrubs for Small Areas


Do you have a spot that needs a bigger plant but you just cant decide what to put there?   Maybe you have lots of space but want something that stays smaller?   This in depth talk will give you confidence on what to choose.  You will learn how to best pick for your location and some faves that do exceptionally well.  


If you would like to attend all 5 lectures the cost is $10.  Each lecture is $2 in advance or $5 at the door.


Sydenham Lecture Series