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'No one Notices a bad Landscape; Everyone notices a good one'      -Laura Moses,                   CLT

Awe Inspiring Landscaping  

Fine Lines Landscape and Design is a company the helps people and their family spend more time outside; By incorporating useful and edible plants and sculpting your space in more then what your dreams can aspire.  Lets us cultivate nature creatively that leaves you breathless for years to come. 

Laura Moses, Certifed Landscape Technican, Certified Horticulturist, Woman Led Company, Boss Lady, Lecturer, Author
Landscape Design, Permaculture Design, Onrnamental Garden, garden maintenace, garden installation, landscapers, kingston, ykg, sod, shed, custom fountain

Design Solutions

Digital design are perfect for the DIY person.  Designs are offered to all of Canada and Northern United States.  Traditions designs available through Eastern Ontario.

Mosstique Designs are available by clicking here

Yard Maintenance

Fine Lines has over 17 years experience maintaining beautiful properties.  Let us get the best from your yard.

Fruit Tree Care

We can help with planning, purchasing, planting and pruning.  We offer consultations, private and public workshops,  Taking care of your trees form seed to fruit.

Water Features

Pond-less water features are the best way to incorporate all the earths elements into your own space.  Completing the ecosystem by adding water you will be amazed at the increase in wildlife.  While the trickling sound of water reprograms

your stressed mind



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Laura Receives her First Certification

Certified Landscape Technician

An Ornamental Maintenance designation from Landscape Ontario and the North American Horticultural Society.  After 3 dedicated years in the horticulture industry.



Red Seal Journeymen Certification Complete

Red Seal Tradeswoman

The Canadian Government awards the Landscape Technician Certification after a 5 year apprenticeship

Upcoming Workshops

March 1, Belleville

Moss-tera Leaf Print Moss Art Workshop

Stunning print and Fine's Lines most popular print to make

March 13, Kingston
Feb 15, Westport

Kids Terrarium Workshop at the Fun Zone

Make Magic Sand then use it to create a living terrarium.  Admission to the giant indoor playground included

March, Ontario

Fruit Tree Pruning- Across Eastern Ontario

3 hour workshop with 1 hour detailed lecture and 2 hour demonstration. 

April 27, Bourget

More is More: Grafting, Propagation and Increasing Yields in the Garden

This afternoon take home the knowledge of how to make more plants.  We will discuss with demonstrations the various methods of propagation and how to increase yields.  After a light lunch and lecture, we will graft 2 of your very own trees to take home. 

Our Gallery

We take pride in all our projects.  Please do not hesitate to call and

get the conversation started today

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