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"When a flower doesn't bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower."  
Alexander Den Heijer

Laura fell in love with plants because of her Grandmother.  'I always thought it was so cool that all the plants had names and my Grandma knew them!'

We Made
a Promise

Fine Lines Landscape and Designs exults itself knowing people and their kids are spending more time outside in their yards connecting with nature.  We are dedicated to providing high quality services.  Taking the time to learn the desires of our clients and turning it into reality! 

Fine Lines Landscape and Designs is proud to be an 'Organic Standard' company with strong environmental integrity.   We don't believe in

chemicals to eradicate are a good option.  We strive to lessen our impact on the on the environment.   We use only products made from nature to fertilize and treat issues in the gardens.  Maintaining edible plants and teaching others to get the best from their edible plants, to perpetuate a thriving community in uncertain times.  We are regularly providing lectures to keep everyone current on best current horticultural practices. 

We are a proud member of Landscape Ontario and the North American Horticultural Society.  Staff hold their red seal journeymen ticket and we now have an apprentice on staff as well.  

Services to residential, commercial, equestrian and cottage properties in the South Frontenac, Napanee to Belleville and Rideau Lakes  to Tay Valley.  

During the winter, Fine Lines team attends many conferences and lectures to keep current with industry standards as well as learn new skills to meet the needs of our clients better.


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Laura Receives her First Certification

Certified Landscape Technician

An Ornamental Maintenance designation from Landscape Ontario and the North American Horticultural Society.  After 3 dedicated years in the horticulture industry.



Red Seal Journeymen Certification Complete

Red Seal Tradeswoman

The Canadian Government awards the Landscape Technician Certification after a 5 year apprenticeship

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