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Virtual Workshop, take home kit purchased separately

Virtual Workshop, take home kit purchased separately


Free with purchase of workshop take home kit.
Free with purchase of 3 packages of moss!
To purchase kits or individule moss packets please see my etsy page


Follow along in my virtual workshop!  Moss art is a trendy new way to decorate your space.  Office, kitchen or living room moss art looks amazing!

I will guide you thorough the steps of the workshop with clearly identified secitions so you can skip ahead if you need to.

You wil be walked through outlined moss art prints, freestyle moss art prints and how to attach the fun trinkets whichmay have been included in your kit depending on which you have purchased.  You will also learn how to care for your moss art so it will last you up to 10 years! 

Im excited for you to create this preserved piece of living art with me!  Thank you for your purchase! I look forward to seeing your art.  Please tag @FineLines.LandscapeandDesigns when posting online to help spread the word of these MOSSOME take home kits and virtual workshops! 

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